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You know what the best part about being cool is? It’s hearing from all my friends in the cool cat world. So, If all you cool cats out there want to contact FUSSY P. then thats real cool with me!
Meow for now,

Here at FUSSY PUSSY we want you to have the best online shopping experience available and we pride ourselves on bringing you just that. Like FUSSY P. said, he likes nothing more than hearing from all his friends in the cool cat world whether its a query, a problem (we hope not) or just to say hello! We like to engage with our customers regularly in an ongoing effort to improve our website however we can. So, we encourage you to contact us and have your say on all the things you see, and also, all the things you would like to see on

Products - Got some suggestions for new products you would like to buy? Let us know and we will try and add them to our ever growing catalogue.

FUSSY P. - What would you like to see on your next FUSSY P. purchase? We will continue to design new products around FUSSY P's adventures and his many cool quotes so send us your ideas.

Blog - Is there something you would like to hear FUSSY P's opinion on? He has an opinion on anything and everything so get in touch and he might just have his say on your topic.

We cannot promise to make all the changes you wish to see, but we will always do our best to implement your suggestions wherever possible and within our control.

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