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Flat-faced and fat cats are no laughing matter

Every week I will bring you the latest cat news around the world. Today I am reporting to you from the UK. Meow, FUSSY P.       ___________________________________________ The Daily Mail recently published an article on ‘the world’s ugliest cats’ which are ‘impossibly cute’ (  Some of these cats are strange-looking because they are flat-faced, also known as ‘brachycephalic’. The squashed faces of these cats might look amusing at first. However, once we realise that these cats can struggle to breathe, eat, and face painful skin and eye problems, we realise that their suffering is no laughing matter. Articles such as this one are part of the problem. These cats are promoted in the mainstream media, and so their appearance is...

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Russians are the world's biggest cat lovers!

Every week I will bring you the latest cat news around the world. Today I am reporting to you from Russia. Meow, FUSSY P.           ___________________________________________ At Dalia, they are interested in delving into the big questions and understanding the global trends that will shape our future. This brings us to one of the most important topics of 2017: cats. Their latest survey shows that a majority (59%) of Russians own a cat. This is more than 10 percentage points higher than any other country in their survey of 52 countries. Surprised? Don’t be. In Russia, cats have been placed on a high pedestal since Empress Elizabeth’s reign in the 1700s, where felines prized for their mouse-catching abilities...

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